Lets Talk About Race

Last week I wrote about how I have grown up in a systemically racist society and therefore occasionally have thoughts that are influenced by racial prejudices. I do not let these thoughts influence my behavior and am hyper of aware and ashamed that they exist. I made a commitment to learn more about these systems and uncover ways in which we can work to correct them as well as facilitating and participating in the uncomfortable conversations needed to make these changes.

I have begun to try and talk to those around me and have discovered blind spots that harbor confusion and prevent growth. These are the result of differing life experiences and our personal realities that are based on what we have been told our whole lives. When I ask if anyone had talked to their black friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. about their experiences and realities I frequently hear “No, I don’t want to come off as offensive.” I recognize that it is an uncomfortable possibility so I am stepping up lead these conversations. I am asking that people submit, anonymously, their questions. I will then work to provide answers to bring about clarity and help remove our systemic blinders.

While some topics I feel that I am capable to address myself, I am building a panel of experts who have grown up with different perspectives and realities then my own to help me with these conversations. I encourage you to subscribe to my site so that you can journey with us to a more inclusive tomorrow.

If you have questions or curiosities you would like us to talk about please submit them at the link below!

Submit your questions


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