Ria (Rebecca) Warner 
Tampa, FL                                        

Professional Summary

Innovative and tenacious educator on a mission to teach techniques and strategies for mental wellness. Experience working with diverse populations in both traditional and non-traditional settings has sparked a desire to continually learn, research and develop effective ways to build connectedness and improve access to mental health services. Special interest in working with individuals and groups who have experienced trauma utilizing nature-based methods.


Master of Arts in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with a Certificate in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
Anticipated Graduation December 2021

Bachelor in Arts in Theatre
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
May 2011

Associates in Arts in Fine Arts
St. John’s River Community College, Palatka, Florida
Cum Laude, June 2006

Associates in Science in Theatre Performance
St. John’s River Community College, Palatka, Florida
Cum Laude, June 2006


Computer Skills
▪ Microsoft Word- Advanced ▪ Microsoft Publisher- Advanced ▪ Microsoft Excel- Intermediate
▪ Microsoft PowerPoint- Intermediate WordPress- Intermediate ▪ Adobe Photoshop- Intermediate
▪ Adobe Lightroom- Intermediate ▪ POS Systems- Intermediate ▪ Microsoft OneNote- Beginner
▪ Microsoft Outlook- Beginner ▪ OBS Studio- Beginner

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

Written and Verbal Communication Nonverbal Communication Time ManagementActive ListeningAdvocacy Empowerment Cultural Awareness Growth Mindset Empathy Emotional Awareness
Behavior ManagementCoaching Instructional Design Procedural DevelopmentPublic Speaking
Media Management Public Relations Branding Strategic Thinking

Experience in Mental Health

Clinical Counseling Intern: Phoenix House of Florida, January 2021-Present
  • Complete clinical intake assessments to determine appropriate program placement and treatment recommendations
  • Develop treatment plans in collaboration with clients to address substance use, mental health, and additional areas of concern as noted by client
  • Provide individual therapy sessions to address and assess progress toward treatment plans
  • Facilitate psycho-education and processing groups utilizing evidence-based practices
  • Communicate client attendance and progress with appropriate stakeholders with client consent
  • Maintain electronic health records using the Welligent platform
  • Collaborate with clinical team to provide consistent support for clients in recovery

Wellness Volunteer: USF COVID Wellness Team, May 2020-December 2020

  • Provide telehealth wellness support to individuals who are at increased risk for depression or anxiety as a result of being diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Complete brief assessments to gather information regarding client symptomology related to COVID-19, anxiety, and depression
  • Utilize active listening skills to assist clients in processing their thoughts, feelings, and needs
  • Collaborate with clients to develop goals for self-care while offering psychoeducation regarding coping strategies as needed
  • Link clients to additional services and supports within the community

Jail Diversion Program Intern: Public Defender Sixth Judicial Circuit, January-May 2020

  • Interview inmates in order to gather information to complete a psychosocial history report
  • Review information gathered from inmates to create a diagnostic impression
  • Utilize psychosocial history and diagnostic impression to determine appropriate placement recommendations for treatment
  • Provide client-centered psychotherapy to clients in an outpatient setting
  • Write and maintain client progress notes for clients seen in the outpatient program
 Experience in Education and Training

Director of Education: Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, March 2015-Present

  • Develop and oversee the maintenance of organizations online presence, informational materials, and public communications
  • Identify the severity of injuries and conditions of concern to decide if treatment is appropriate
  • Assist in treatment and stabilization of critical cases
  • Provide care and monitor growth and recovery of wildlife while maintaining detailed records
  • Aid in the recruitment, training, placement, and management of volunteers
  • Develop standard operating procedures and resources including manuals, scripts, and videos
  • Create and lead engaging and meaningful environmental education programs
  • Implemented a digital system to maintain records and analyze data to determine our impact

Exceptional Student Educator: Hillsborough County Public Schools, August 2015-May 2020

  • Developed differentiated and appropriately rigorous academic, behavioral, and social lessons based on student’s individual needs
  • Maintained student records related to attendance, performance, and behavior
  • Ensured all students make gains through the implementation of scaffolding techniques
  • Verified understanding using continuous assessment and flexible teaching strategies
  • Recognized and addressed behavioral concerns in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Assisted in researching and securing resources such as experts, funding, and supply donations 
  • Worked with stakeholders, including students, to provide a safe and successful experience

Zoological Educator: SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, March 2008-May 2011, May-November 2014, May-November 2015, May-November 2016, May-November 2017, May-November 2018,
May-November 2019, November 2020-Present

  • Designed and executed educational curriculum and materials for a variety of programs and
    on-the-job training experiences
  • Supervised and supported seasonal staff as well as residential students
  • Hosted educator-only events to facilitate networking and provide resources and idea-sharing 
  • Provided families and children with safe, easy, quality, and memorable educational experiences
  • Lead public presentation while delivering key educational and conservation points
  • Assisted Lead Animal Care Staff with husbandry and training using positive reinforcement techniques based on operant conditioning

Senior Trainer and Naturalist: City of Largo, February 2016-April 2019

  • Worked with recreational therapists to provide nature-based, eco-therapy services
  • Developed and delivered facility-wide experiences for education and therapy programs
  • Supported and developed new volunteers who have an interest in working with wildlife
  • Transformed volunteer training process by creating materials and standard operating procedures
  • Led the training team to develop, execute and oversee training plans using traditional falconry techniques and operant conditioning
  • Fostered a growth-mindset culture by providing constructive feedback and individualized coaching to several of our 60 plus volunteers while further seeking professional development opportunities myself
  • Assisted in managing and training multiple species of raptors in our bird of prey program
  • Provided care to the avian collection including prepping and distributing diets, tracking food intake, monitoring weights and behavior, and adjusting diets as needed
Additional Experience in Leadership
Special Events Stage Manager: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Busch Gardens,
September- November 2009, September- November 2010, September- November 2011
  • Assisted in training and supervision of seasonal staff, ensuring a consistent, quality, and safe immersive theater experience
  • Effectively communicated needs and concerns to the appropriate teams so that they may be addressed quickly
  • Monitored staff and guest behaviors, respectfully addressing concerns to maintain safety
  • Inspected and maintained costume, props, set pieces, and personal protective equipment.
  • Tracked attendance and request additional coverage to fill vacant positions when needed


Media Officer, USF iLINC, 2020-2021 

  •  Assist with managing the social media platforms in order to communicate with stakeholders 
  •  Collaborate with club administrators through the creation of infographics for events  

Peer MentorUSF Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program, 2020-2021 

  •  Provide guidance as needed to first year students within the graduate program 
  •  Foster a sense of community through communication and shared experiences  


Certified Educator with Endorsements in

       Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, and Prekindergarten Education 
       Florida Department of Education, (Valid through June 2021)

Honors and Awards

Calvin M. Pinkard Scholarship, June 2020

Susan D. Kelly RMHC Textbook Scholarship, June 2020

Project PATH Grant, May 2015

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