Self Care

It is vital that you make time to care for yourself. It can feel selfish to take time to do something for you, but you are not able to operate as selfless 100% of the time. In my blog section you will find more resources and ideas for ways to keep your cup full. For a sneak peak of what I am doing for myself this would be the place to do it!

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For My Mind

As a graduate student I spend a lot of my time learning. Most of what I read right now is assigned to me. I had been selecting a book to read for my own curiosity, enjoyment, and bibliotherapy, however I have not been able to handle any reading beyond my school work. So, to keep my mind in order I plan my week using my Lemome cork bullet journal.

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For My Body

My physical body has been my most neglected element. While I am finding it difficult to dedicate time to exercise each week there are still ways I can take care of my body. One thing I am actively doing is making sure that I stay hydrated. My favorite water bottle right now is a Brita bottle with a built in filter.

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For My Soul

My brother and I both enjoy the outdoors. Last year I built a small raised garden bed to grow greens for my tortoises. This year, with my brother’s help I am scaling up.

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What are you doing for your self?

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  1. This morning I worked in my garden until my back ache, I took plants out and replaced with new ones, pulled out weeds, trimmed my roses, and place a hummingbird feeder up in my magnolia tree. I was happy and forgot all my worries while I was gardening. It is my therapy and I beautify my yard at the same time!

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