Sign Language

I grew up in two different homes, one was an English speaking only home and the other spoke to me only in English but about me in Spanish. As a typical moody preteen this led me to believing anyone who spoke a different language in front of me was rude. At that time however I met a family who at first I thought was rude but taught me that I was the one who was rude. This family of four consisted of one adult who was Deaf, one hearing adult, and their two hearing children. I learned very quickly not to pass judgement on people without knowing the whole story. My young mind thought that they were being secretive and attempting to exclude us from their conversations, but rather it was just the opposite, all of the signing that was being done was so that the dad could be included in the general happenings. That was my first experience that I can remember with sign language and that is when I started to to learn basic American Sign Language. I also took quite a bit of sign language at the college level and have found it incredibly useful not only in communicating with my friends who are deaf but also helping my students who are non-verbal acquire language. I’ve been working on a series of videos in order to teach some basic signs that could be useful in my daily life and perhaps in yours. All of the posts that include these videos can be found following the tag “sign language.”

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